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Thank you for taking the time to visit my page.  I am only 26 years old, but I promise that what I lack in experience, I make up for in hard work, dedication to my area and Country, and an ability to learn and listen.


I have lived in Maryville almost all my life.  I went to school here, graduating from Heritage High School in '05, and then went on to get a B.S in Finance at the University of Tennessee.  The 2nd District of Tennessee is where I met my beautiful wife Tiffany, and where my son Carter was born to us in 2012.


I have worked in Business Analysis since graduation, first at Vanderbilt, Lawler Wood Housing and currently at DENSO Manufacturing.


I am an active member at Sevier Heights Baptist Church, and have been since 1996. Here I watched pre-school aged children and taught Sunday school classes.


My family, education, career and future are heavily vested in this area.  It has served us fantastically, and I hope I can one day represent the people of this area as respectfully and faithfully as they have me.  Thank you.

I owe so much to both of my parents.

My father served in the military faithfully and for many years, retiring just this past December.  I am proud of his service and have the utmost respect for our Armed Forces.


My mother started her own business many years ago and has ran it all these years.  I like to think that their combined experiences have imparted important messages on me that I can take to Washington.  Lessons and values that are sorely lacking -- responsibility, respect, hardwork and most importantly a willingness to see my work through.

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